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Dear TAKATA Racing Customers,

Recently there have been a number of fake/counterfeit or “replica” TAKATA Racing harnesses sold worldwide.

Takata has purchased some of these illegal belts and tested them against industry standards. These products are unsafe and do not meet the FIA strength or crash testing requirements and should not be purchased or re-sold. TAKATA Corporation works very closely with international customs departments as well as national and local police authorities to prevent the distribution of counterfeit TAKATA Racing harnesses and to protect the TAKATA Brand. Original TAKATA Racing products should only be purchased from authorized TAKATA dealers.

Caution should be taken in the purchase and use of any TAKATA Racing Products found at on-line auction websites, automobile user forums and other “indirect” sales as these products may be counterfeit, fake or may have been involved in a prior accident or improperly maintained. Sellers of fake or “replica” harnesses may be subject to legal actions.

Please contact TAKATA directly by sending an email to if you have any questions or want to report any counterfeit activities.


タカタのフルハーネスの模造品が数多く世界中に存在しています。 これら模造製品の一部をタカタで試験を行い、強度要件などに満足出来ないことが判明しております。。 よってこれらの模造品を使用するのは非常に危険です。 またタカタは各国の税関や警察の協力を得て、模造品の撲滅に努めております。 タカタレーシング製品の購入は正規販売代理店にてお求めください。 模造品に関するお問い合わせはこちらから”"